Friday, June 26, 2009

Secret Plans (shhhh)

Met with a fellow tank keeper that I met online and he gave me a few plants and fish. He had a really neat tank, a 20g long. I have been trying to make secret plans to get one for myself (but don't tell my wife).

One fish he gave me was a little tiny baby bristlenose pleco (long fin). I hope it is a boy.

No full shots yet... the plants are not well. The crypts have all melted with the addition of CO2 and need more time to recover.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tank shot - CO2 installed. You can see the white diffuser in the left corner and the drop checker on the right side. I HOPE the next photos will show good plant growth and reduced algae problems.From a distance it does not look so bad right? But up close... blech.The underside of my aquarium... also a mess right now, but I plan to screw the power strips to the side of the wall and do some cable management. Note the yummy looking filter tubes.

Why yes... that chromed CO2 regulator IS sexy!

Oh, here is my dog wondering what I am up to.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

CO2 Stuff

Ordered all my stuff today from Called the guy on the phone and had a chat about CO2 equipment and his insight was very helpful. Also ordered new T5 bulbs.
Everything should come in next week. YAY!
I'm excited about this step, I have always envied those amazing green aquariums, but wanted to avoid the complexity and cost of CO2 injection. But now with CO2 I should be seeing HUGE improvements.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Giving Up

My low tech planted aquarium has continued to uglify itself despite my efforts to make the low tech approach work. So... rather than having an expensive eye-soar in my room I've decided to give up on low tech and go high tech.
I am currently researching pressurized CO2 injection systems and plan to begin purchasing parts this month. It "should" resolve a lot of the problems I have with algae and slow plant growth.

More to come...