Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another update

Some progress has been made in the algae war. I have starved them from nutrients and there has been a big reduction in algae, but the plants are suffering as well. I have resumed nutrient supplements now... but I need to order a new kind of supplement to do it right.

Duckweed usually grows like a weed, but not in my tank. It all died off. Maybe the lights are too hot, or maybe my Endler's live bearers eat the roots.

Speaking of Endler's, there are way too many babies in my tank now. Here you can see a few:

My pandas:

My dog, giving me the evil eye:


Leslierush said...

Wow you must have really pissed him off. That is quite the glare he is giving you.

Lindsy said...

Great pic of Obie! Ashley and Breanne's beta fish has pop eye. Its pretty sad but it looks really cool!