Sunday, April 4, 2010


My aquarium has been grounded from light for 3 days because of bad behavior. The blue-green algae is out of control despite my best efforts to stop it. I have done all the research and taken all the recommended steps and it just won't stop. MAKE IT STOP! So for now I am killing it off with a 3 black-out.
Soon, I plan to redo my aquarium. I will switch to sand for a substrate, remove the CO2 injection and remove the T5VHO lighting. I don't like the T5VHO lights, they just run too hot and the room they are in gets extra warm because of it (not a good thing in Phoenix). I plan to move to LED lighting, low power, low heat. I also ordered more driftwood.

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Avry and Justin said...

sounds like your tank is a lot of work! hopefully the black out will work?